Paul Hesketh Ltd is referred to as the Company, and the Person, Firm or Company purchasing is referred to as the customer. Any agreement documented for the supply of goods or services is referred to as Contract. The company only enters into Contracts supported by printed documentation. Suppliers of goods and services to customers, other than:

The goods ordered by the Customer are sourced by the Company for the Customer and the Company insists that there can be no right for the Customers to cancel or withdraw after materials have been partially or fully paid for and any refund to the Customer would be subject to a 20% handling charge for non-installed materials. No refunds are available for unpacked or used parts.

Estimates are offered for the guidance of the Customer and the Company’s Representatives. Estimates must not be shown/copied in any form by the Customer to other Suppliers. Estimates may summarise situations and omit issue that are unknown at the time of the Estimate and so must not be taken as fully definitive of the work necessary or of the costs.

The Customer is entirely responsible for ensuring compliance with any applicable Planning or Listed Building Regulations, and for confirming their compliance to the Company in writing. The Customer hereby accepts any and all legal and financial ramifications resultant from their failure to comply with any and all applicable local authority regulations.



The Company will not accept responsibility for carpets, decoration etc. The room needs to be cleared or protected by the customer to allow works to be carried out.

The Company will not take responsibility for broken slates or any damage before work commences, also the Company cannot take responsibility for damage done by other Tradesman the Company uses.

The Company cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather conditions.

It is your responsibility to choose a product appropriate to your needs and local building Regulations. Contact us if you have any doubt about the required parts, particularly chimney parts.

Until full payment has been made to the Company, all materials shall remain the property of the Company.


The Company undertakes to repair or replace, free of charge any materials proven defective as a result of faulty manufactured materials within 12 months from purchase date.

Interference with or modification to the installation if undertaken by other persons, including damage due to accident or misuse and faults or premature deterioration resulting from misuse or abuse or the use of inappropriate and damp fuels invalidates any warranty on stoves &chimneys. The company may at its sole discretion decline to service or repair stoves & Chimneys so damage or to make significant charges.

Customer’s failure to correctly use and maintain installations are excluded. The company may charge for service calls of this nature, or may refuse to rectify related issues.

Exclusions apply to service-replaceable stove and flue parts including door and glass seals, stove glass, fuel retention bars, ash cans, register plates, sweeping accesses and seals, stove linings, dampers, closing plates, flue outlets, baffles, tools, door seals and door latches and to any part of the stove or chimney damaged by excess heat, chimney fires, abuse misuse, water damage or adverse weather.

The company will asset customer redress from manufactures for rectification charges, but those charges remain due to the company regardless of outcomes.

Warranty facilities apply only to the original customer and are neither extendable nor transferable to any other party.



The estimate will specifically include the known tasks to be undertaken by the company anything not expressly included in the estimate must therefore be considered “extras”.

Unavoidable variations to the estimate determined by the company or requested by the customer will result in written Estimate Variations being presented for customer authorization.

Any new or changed legislation arising after Estimate and affecting legal completion of an installation shall be considered Extras e.g. air-vent & Carbon Monoxide alarms.

Any levies or variation in taxation imposed by the government after the estimate but prior to installation will be added to the final invoice.

The presence of any alleged defect does not constitute a reason for withholding any payment. Any costs of pursuit of the customer for outstanding payments will be charged.

The company will seek to agree to and/or rectify any potential issues with the Customer post-implementation, only provided that all payments due to date have been made.

Unresolved issues between the company and the customer shall be settled through chosen methods by the company.

Interest is due on all unpaid accounts will be charged 5% per month or part-month over the annual base rate per annum for the time being of the company’s bank.

There is no exception to the interest due and penalty payment clauses 6(1) & 6(m) above and this condition will be rigorously enforced in English law.



We cannot accept return of products which are damaged after delivery. Goods signed for as having been delivered in good condition will not be refunded, replaced or repaired.



The terms & Condition shall not be construed so as to affect the statutory rights of Customers whose acceptance of an estimate implies full acceptance of these Terms & Condition.

Purchase contracts for stoves are made at the company premises. Contracts for installation based on estimates are made between installer and Customer.

A deposit may be asked for on acceptance, this is to cover the costs of ordering of goods, stoves and materials. This will not be refundable. As this will cover cost i.e. Returning goods etc. if cancelled.



All personal details that you give are securely stored. We do not supply or sell customers details to any outside organisation. We will endeavour to take all reasonable care, in so far as it is possible to do so, to keep all details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorised access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering.